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  • Yumoto is professional in supply of PP screw and barrels. Yumoto can supply customized screw as per client's sizes. Screw diameter can be from small to big like 42, 50, 55, 75, 90, 110, etc. 

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  • Most of PP processing is driven by the screw, so the design of the screw has a great impact. The diameter of the screw affects the output, and the compression ratio affects the pressure value and also affects the output and the effect of the finished product, which also includes the mixing effect of various materials (color masterbatch, additives and modifiers).

    The flow of raw materials mainly depends on the heater, but the friction heat generated by the material turning friction will also accelerate the fluidity, so the small screw compression ratio drives the small flow, and the rotational speed must be increased, which will cause more friction heat than the screw with large compression ratio.

    Therefore, it is often said that there is no master in plastic processing, and the person who carefully understands the performance of the machine is the master. The heating of raw materials is not only the heater, but also the friction heat and soak time.

    Therefore, this is a practical problem, and experience will help solve production problems and improve efficiency. If the mixing effect of screw is required to be particularly good, sometimes two-stage different screws or twin shaft screws are designed and different types of screws are set in each section to achieve various mixing effects.

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