• Yumoto plastic injection machinery make high peformance 280Ton PET injection molding machines. Main features of injection PET mold machine is as below: 

    -Clamping unit: 2800 kN =280 Ton 

    -Tie bar:630*580 mm

    -Injection weight:1900grams with PET screw Dia. 80

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  • 1-Specification of 280 TON Injection moulding machines for PET preform production

  • Description   UNIT MOTO-280 PET
    International size rating
    Clamping Unit Clamping force KN 2800
    Opening stroke mm 560
    Space between tie bars (H×V) mm 630x580
    Max. mold height mm 650
    Min. mold height mm 270
    Ejector stroke mm 160
    Ejector force KN 133
    Injection Unit Screw diameter mm 80
    Screw L:D ratio L/D 25
    Shot volume cm^3 1,759
    Shot weight (PET) g 1900
    Injection pressure Bar 1338
    Max. screw speed r/min 70
    Pump motor power kw 39.4
    Heating capacity kw 36.6
    Temp Zone    5+1
    Oil tank capacity 520
    Dimensions (L×W×H) m 7.25*1.8*2.3
    Machine weight ton 10.6

Yumoto 280-ton injection molding machine for PET packaging

Make the most of your packaging for the food or pharmaceutical industry to keep the contents protected and fresh. With our MOTO-280 PET injection molding machine, you can handle product packaging in-house to hold delays and other bottlenecks (no pun intended) at bay. Keep up with ever-evolving industry standards and produce bottles on demand!

The clamping force of 2800 kN enables you to run a mid-volume packaging production line. As the plastic injection molding process is fully automated, you don’t need to invest in expanding your team to control and manage this Yumoto machine. That’s how it helps you reduce manufacturing and overhead costs.

The real versatility for PET injection molding with 280 tons

The MOTO-280 machine is built to perform all packaging tasks when it comes to pharmaceutical and cosmetics products. Plus, it can be used for producing bottles utilized in the food and beverage industry. 

The 280-ton PET injection molding machine is ready to show off its best performance for preforms for:

  • Edible oil and butter
  • Soft drinks
  • Jams and syrups

Because this molding machine has an array of integrated settings, creating bespoke bottles of all sizes, shapes, and colors is a breeze. You can choose from multiple injection speeds and positions for the optimal quality of your products.

The parts of our 280-ton PET injection molding unit are made from an alloy that is extremely resistant to corrosion. It can withstand heavy loads without sacrificing the stability of the preforms produced. Its mold-clamping mechanism is engineered for smooth opening and increased mold protection. Enjoy quality consistency and the prolonged lifespan of the unit!

Why switch to PET packaging?

If you use glass or other materials for product packaging, PET can be the harbinger of efficiency for your business. It’s break-proof, recyclable, and cost-effective. 

By switching to it with our machine for 280-ton injection molding for PET preforms, you can significantly decrease energy and raw material consumption. All PET bottles in your recycling bins can be turned into brand-new containers ready to hit the shelves.

Start a new packaging era with the MOTO-280 machine!

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