• Yumoto machinery make fast speed injection molding machines for disposal plastic utensils. Main features of 280 ton speed injection machine is as below: 

    -Clamping unit: 2800 kN =280 Ton 

    -Tie bar:625*575 mm

    -Injection weight: 384grams with PET screw Dia. 50

    If you need speed injection machines for plastic spoons, or plastic forks , plastic knives, etc disposable plastic items, please kindly click below to send inquiry. This is exactly what you need. 

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  • 1.Injection molding machine specifications for high speed series 

  • Model Unit MOTO-280 PACK
    Clamping Unit    
    Clamping force KN 2800
    Opening stroke mm 560
    Tie bars diameter mm 110
    Space between tie bars (H×V) mm 625*575
    Max. mold height mm 620
    Min. mold height mm 250
    Ejector stroke mm 160
    Ejector force KN 62
    Injection Unit    
    Screw diameter mm 50
    Screw L:D ratio L/D 23
    Shot volume cm3 422
    Shot weight (PP) g 384
    oz 18
    Injection rate cm3^/s 360
    Injection rate g/s 300
    Injection pressure Bar 1512
    Screw speed r/min 300
    Hydraulic and Electric system    
    System peressure Bar 17.5
    Pump motor power kw 37
    Heating capacity kw 14.5
    Number of temperature zones   3+1
    Oil tank capacity L 400
    Machine dimension(L*W*H) m 6.7*1.8*2.0
    Machine weight Ton 10.1

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