Packaging Series

Packaging series injection molding machines are mainly designed for thin wall plastic products, which require high pressure, high speed production. We restructured mechanic system, hydraulic sys tem, electric system to get much stronger mechanism and faster linear injection speed, specially for FMCG, PMCG, IML,etc.

Yumoto Packaging Series injection molding machines for thin-wall applications

Plastic cutlery is part and parcel of the food service industry. It allows delivery restaurants to surpass customer flatware expectations on a budget. Looking further, individuals love to choose disposable utensils for home and travel usage, as they can easily toss them out once they serve their purpose. For the same reason, plastic forks and knives are convenient for catering businesses, especially when produced consistently with a Yumoto injection molding packaging system.

Our Packaging Series equipment enables you to reduce the wall thickness of plastic cutlery and produce items on demand. High-speed injection molding machines can be set up for low-volume, middle-volume, and high-volume fabrication processes to cut the time of repetitive production.

Designed to meet different clamping force requirements, our equipment can deliver at 280, 330, and 390 tons. Whatever thin-wall applications you want to work on, Yumoto Packaging Series machines will enact it while being easy to maintain at your production center.

Injection molding packaging machines to get maximized output

Each clamping unit is designed to achieve the shortest cycle times and precision perfection. The reinforced molds and improved mechanical system ensure flawless parallelism – ideal for multiple-cavity molds. You can see maximized output in no time as the linear injection speed increases along with clamping force.

With Yumoto high-speed injection machines, you can produce plastic items in different length configurations and wall thicknesses. This extends their versatility for:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Plastic knives
  • Plastic forks
  • IML products

Experiment with a range of settings for your production needs to achieve the desired color, shape, thickness, and other item characteristics. No steep learning curve for engineers and factory floor workers.

Choose a high-speed injection machine that hits the spot

Getting into the trappings of plastic flatware and packaging production may be tricky. But Yumoto is here to guide you. Our experts are looking forward to sharing some clues on choosing plastic mold packaging equipment based on your budget and planned production lines.

Please note that you can order a customized setup. If you don’t fancy any of Yumoto’s Packaging Series options, contact us to discuss the upgrades for your ideal high-speed machine.

You can get any Packaging Series machine delivered in about 30 days from the moment of signing the agreement and handling the payment. However, if you want to adjust the design for a customized setup, this time frame may be extended.

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