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What kinds of engineering plastics are used in automobile plastic parts


There are many plastic parts on the car, such as engine parts, water tank parts, air conditioning parts, air filter parts, various water bottles, instrument panel parts, seat parts, floor parts, roof parts, gear lever parts, steering wheel parts, door trim parts, rearview mirror and various clips and fasteners, front and rear lights, air intake grilles, mudguards, and reversing mirrors. What kinds of engineering plastics are used in automobile plastic parts?

Analysis on the Use of Logistics Box in Automobile Parts Logistics


in the transportation of automobile parts, the use of logistics boxes has a very positive role and impact. On the one hand, it has realized the standardization of logistics packaging, and on the other hand, it is helpful to achieve continuous optimization of the logistics system.

Environmental performance description of food grade plastic storage container


Plastic storage containeres are often used in the production field because of their gorgeous appearance and convenient use. The so-called food grade plastic storage container is mainly made of food grade environment-friendly LLDPE materials,

Plastic Printing Technology


Plastic printing refers to the process technology of transferring the graphic information on the original to the plastic products by using the printing plate or other methods. The printing of plastic products includes special printing methods such as intaglio printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, jet printing and transfer printing. At present, it can be printed on plastic products with different surface textures, hardness and shapes, and is widely used for decoration and decoration of plastic packaging films and plastic containers.

Injection Molding Machine For Sale Australia


Injection molding machines are used to produce plastic parts. They have many advantages over other methods of manufacturing such as casting and machining.

The reason for this kind of nervous alarm of injection molding machine is here


an injection molding machine alarms almost every production cycle, and the alarm is sometimes different. As for how to debug and set parameters, there is no way to eliminate it. It seems that the computer is out of order. No way to produce.

Example of injection molding machine maintenance: abnormal hydraulic insurance


When an injection molding machine is in semi-automatic production, every time it produces three or four molds, the computer will give an alarm: the hydraulic insurance is abnormal.

In this way, the problem of inaccurate positioning of mold opening position of injection molding machine can be solved


three electronic rulers are used in general-purpose injection molding machines: Unlocking mold electronic ruler; Injection electronic ruler and mold supporting electronic ruler. Some machines also have electronic rulers. If electric rulers are broken, the problem of inaccurate positioning will happen.

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