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  • Yumoto machinery make high strength mold clamps for plastic injection moulding machines. 

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  • Mold clamp is a kind of auxiliary fixture often used in die processing, which is mainly used to prevent the workpiece from vibration and displacement during processing. To ensure the precision and good finish of the die workpiece. Therefore, the quality of the die pressing plate directly affects the product quality of the die. Therefore, the die pressing plate plays a vital role in the die manufacturing process. The die pressing plate has high strength, small volume and flexible and simple operation.

    Manufacturing process of die pressing plate: it is integrally forged from 45 # medium carbon steel. After high temperature heating and air hammer hammering, its hardness can reach above 30HRC. Then use the universal milling machine to process the plane and long groove, subject to the surface finish of 3.2. The parallelism and flatness of the pressing plate shall not exceed 0.02MM. After heat treatment and quenching, it reaches 35HRC to 40HRC required by JB. Finally, blacken or bluish the surface to avoid rust spots

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