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In 1946, USA James Watson Hendry invented first screw injection molding machine. From 1960s, China started to produce plastic injection molding machines. Yumoto has more than 20 years' history in plastic injection machinery. We have developed multi-series including standard series, PET series, Packaging series, etc, covering dozens of models, successfully widely used in many fields.

Yumoto injection molding machines that make a world of difference

In the manufacturing world, you can either be a conformist who resists innovation or a big thinker who adopts it with gusto. If you’re ready to transform your processes and embrace precision and efficiency you never thought could be achieved, let your inner innovator guide you to buy an injection molding machine designed and brought together by Yumoto.

Powered by innovation and assembled with care, our injection molding machines redefine plastics manufacturing. As of now, they can often be seen on the factory floors of medium and large manufacturers throughout the world. Optimized item repeatability and expedited production runs account for their popularity across industries, allowing Yumoto customers to reap the benefits of consistently top-quality parts.

Find an injection molding machine for sale that seems a perfect fit for your factory floor or let Yumoto perform custom upgrades. We can optimize our equipment for your applications and quality requirements to smooth your innovation adoption curve.

Series of Yumoto injection molding machines

Yumoto revolutionizes manufacturing and complex design processes with several series of ready-to-install molding machines. Depending on the items you need to produce, clamping force, shapes, and geometry, you can choose from:

    General Series: These machines are designed for general applications for a variety of shapes and materials, including PP, PE, ABS, and more.
  • PET Series: The most advanced injection molding options for plastic bottle and jar manufacturers looking to accelerate production runs with multi-cavity molds.
  • Packaging Series: With delicate moving parts and highly accurate molding systems, these machines are perfect for thin-walled packaging and fast-moving consumer goods.

There’s a common thing that medium and large manufacturers associate with the Yumoto injection molding machine supplier: total dedication to serving you, the customer. One of the ways we can serve you is by developing technologically advanced equipment together. If our General, PET, and Packaging injection molding machines for China and overseas factories fail to meet your plastic molding needs, a customized machine is the best option for your facility.

Custom injection molding machines can feature mechanical and software touch-ups and add-ons to meet your specific requirements. There’s no better fit than a machine adjusted for the items you’re producing in terms of design, clamping force, precision, and ease of operation.

Whether you are set to explore all our series or request a custom service, the Yumoto injection molding machine manufacturer respects every choice you make.

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