Hopper dryer SHD-50 for injection molding



  • Capacity: 50kg

    Heating Power: 4.2kw

    Blower Power: 180w 

    Suitable for injection machines :125-500T

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  • Hoper dryer SHD-50  is often used auxiliary equipment for heating the material in the the hopper to dry the plastic material.The plastic dryer for injection molding machine is mainly used for dehumidification and drying of plastic raw materials (such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.) in plastics industry. Most engineering plastics are highly hygroscopic. If the raw materials cannot be fully dried before molding, cracks, burrs, bubbles, poor impact, poor viscosity and other defects are likely to occur, affecting product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to use the plastic dehumidification dryer for injection molding machine. What are the advantages and characteristics of the plastic dehumidification dryer for injection molding machines?

    Characteristic of Hopper dryer SHD-50

    -the heating barrel is made from the stainless steel to ensure that material is not polluted and easier to be cleaned. 

    -The air dispersion devie of the stainless steel net plate enables the heat air to evenly blow the material . The tempearature is even in the barrel to prevent material lumping. 

    -There is a hinge connection structure between the heating barrel and the hopper , which facilitates opening , reloading and cleaning. 

    -An open-door type magnetic base , which is convenient and easy to take out the magnet for cleaing the scrap iron.

    -The 24 hours timer startup device of any time can be matched to reduce the pre-heating time on duty and improve efficiency. 

    -The hot air recycler device can be matched to reduce energy consumption.

    -The hopper dust colleccotr be matched to prevent the dust into the workshop. 

    How to install hopper dryer on injection moulding machines? 


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