• Yumoto precision machinery make high quality 170Ton Plastic injection molding machines. Main features of 170 ton injection mold machine is as below:
    -Clamping unit: 1700 kN =170 Ton
    -Tie bar:520*470 mm
    -Injection weight: 318grams with B screw Dia. 45

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    • 1.MOTO-170 Injection Molding Machines Specification lists 123

  •   Model No   MOTO-170
    Description Unit 620
    Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 42 45 50
    Screw L/D ratio L/D 22.5 20 18
    Shot Size (Theoretical) cm3 305 350 432
    Shot Weight (Ps) g 277 318 393
    Injection Rate g/s 147 169 208
    Injection Pressure Mpa 206 179 145
    Screw Speed r/min 0-220
    Clamping Unit Clamping force                 KN 1700
    Opening stroke                mm 430
    Space between tie-bars(H×V)   mm 520*470
    Max.mold height               mm 530
    Min mold height                 mm 180
    Ejector stroke                 mm 140
    Ejector force                 KN 50
    Others Pump Motor Power kw 23
    Heater Power kw 12.5
    Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) m 5.2*1.4*1.8
    Machine Weight        t 5.3
    Hopper Capacity            kg 25

    • 2.MOTO-170 Injection Molding Machines Advantages and Features

  • -Clamping unit of 170T imm plastic machine-

    • Enough space for upgrade and retrofits

      It not only meets the customers’ requirements at the moment,

      but also offers more possibility in the further production.


      European type ejector structure

      It provides larger space and easy for maintenance.


      Upgraded parts

      Graphite-copper bushes and slider are used on tie-bar, ejector and movable platen. It ensures

      fast and precise mold closing and opening.


      Better designed mechanical structure and

      toggle system

      It shorts the production cycle time and improves production



      Enormous space between tie-bars

      It is suitable for larger molds and multi-cavity molds necessarily.


      Longer and wider guide length & higher precision

      It improves mold work-life and product quality.


      High rigidity mechanical system

      It protects the mold and extends machines’ lifetime.

  • -Injection unit of 170Ton imm mold plastic machine-

    • ■ Imported high quality SKD61 material

      The screw tip, checking ring and trap ring are made of imported

      high quality SKD61 material. And we provide various choices

      for screws to meet different plastic materials and special [processing

      injection mold needs.


      ■ No welding design

      Injection unit steel pipes adopt pipe fitting to connect. No welding

      design ensures convenient maintenance and after-service.

      ■ Upturning designed nozzle cover

      It makes the production and maintenance much easier.


      ■ Dual carriage cylinders

      It improves a better injection precision.

      ■ Dual precise linear guide rails

      Full supported injection unit with dual precise linear guide rails

      ensures the best precision and fast start speed.

  • -Electric unit and hydraulic system of 170Ton imm plastic molding machine-

  •  Servomotor system

    All machines are standard equipped with precise and energy

    saving servomotor system. It could save energy as much as

    20%-80% compared with traditional injection machine.

      German DIN standard fittings

    German DIN standard fittings with seal are widely used in

    hydraulic unit. G screw thread style plug avoids oil pollution.

     Visible and dischargeable design

    Visible and dischargeable oil tank and modular adaptor valve

    blocks make it more convenient to hydraulic circuit maintenance

    and function upgrade.

    ■ Water proof rubber seal

    It is used on electric cabinet and improve the machines’ safety.

     Modernized network

    Modernized network management function is available for our

    customers. It could easily share data with MES system.

     CE safety standard

    The programs are designed according to CE safety standard


    The controllers are all color screen from reliable cooperators.

    The multi-language controller is available. Better cooperation, faster speed.

Yumoto 170-ton injection molding machine

Is your manufacturing facility missing out on advanced equipment? Produce large batches of extra-quality plastic parts with this 170-ton plastic injection molding machine for sale. It is versatile, customizable for various setups, and easy to operate for multiple molds. The machine works best for large-scale production and can create hundreds of products in a single run, allowing you to meet deadlines and keep up with market demand.

If your customers are far from raving about your plastic items due to precision issues, it’s time to reverse the unwelcoming trend. With our General Series 170-ton machine, you can rely on its dual-carriage cylinders and tricked-out guide rails to achieve the highest precision. Manufacture parts to the exact specifications your customers need and win the competition in your market.

As a reliable 170-ton injection molding machine manufacturer in China, we guarantee that you can see an increase in production and save on labor costs with this industrial-grade machine. Get it in a standard setup or easily outfit it to any custom requirements with Yumoto!

Thoughtful design and utmost functionality

This 170-ton machine has an intelligent design and is built to never compromise its service life. The casing of its injection unit is engineered using non-welding technology, while its screw tip and two main rings are made of superior-quality materials to work with durable and flexible plastic types. Along with precision, the molding speed is enhanced and well-controlled by double-carriage cylinders and dual-precise guide rails.

Ordering the 170-ton plastic injection molding machine online brings an incredibly adjustable and multipurpose helper to your production floor. It is great for injecting plastic into one or several molds and creating the most commonly used products, including:

  • Plastic storage containers 
  • Pipe fittings
  • Bottle caps 
  • Plastic stationery and many other products

Plus, the price of the 170-ton plastic injection molding machine is a fraction of the cost of similar injectors in the global market. Why pay an unreasonable amount of money to elevate your molding processes? Contact us today to learn more about this powerful piece of machinery and how it can advance your business.

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