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  • Yumoto machinery is professional injection molding machines supplier of household portable cooling fans in China. Yumoto injection machines can all kinds of plastic parts of cooling fans.

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  • In the hot summer, people will feel uncomfortable wherever they go. As a result, they often carry cattail fans or paper fans to cool down at any time and place. This is the simplest portable fan, but it requires manpower to shake the fan when it is used, and human activities cause more heat, so the actual use effect is poor.

    With the continuous development of science and technology, people invented the electric fan, which is driven by the motor to force the air flow. Instead of relying on human power to shake the fan, people can easily and conveniently enjoy the cool air of artificial wind in summer. Because the ordinary electric fan completely depends on the electric energy of the municipal power grid to provide energy to drive the fan, this has caused the limitation that it can only be used in the city with the municipal power grid. Obviously, ordinary electric fans are not portable fans.

    In order to make the electric fan, an easy and comfortable cooling tool, serve human beings at any time and anywhere, many electrical manufacturers add batteries to the traditional fans. Their use places are not restricted by the mains power grid lines, and the batteries provided by themselves provide power. This progress has made the portability of the electric fan a big step forward, but its oversized and overweight body is still unable to carry.

    This fan was further improved to reduce its size and weight. Finally, a reduced version of the battery powered mini electric fan came out, meeting the needs of portability to a certain extent, so it bloomed everywhere. This type of portable fan can be seen everywhere in the market.

    As time goes by, people find that there are still several problems with this fan in use: 1. The battery use cost is high; 2. The wind is not strong enough; 3. The structure is not firm enough and easy to be damaged; 4. Although the appearance has shrunk, the overall appearance is irregular, which can not be conveniently carried in the pocket.

    Due to the above problems, the practicability of portable fans has been greatly reduced, and they have gradually become toys or decorative products.

    It seems that in order to make the portable fan really practical, the above problems must be solved through technical research.

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