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  • Yumoto machinery is professional injection molding machines supplier of household dehydrators. We can provide detailed injection molds solutions for household dehydrator. There are so many parts which are made of plastic material.
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  • The household dehydrator is a small dehydrating device suitable for household use. It mainly rotates at a high speed to drive the wet clothes in the rotary drum to rotate at a high speed. Using the centrifugal force generated by the circular movement of the rotary drum, the moisture in the wet clothes in the rotary drum is thrown out, so as to achieve the dehydration effect. Generally speaking, the power of household dehydrators is relatively small, which can meet the requirements and standards of household circuits and facilitate people's life. Especially for readers in the north, home dehydrators play an important role. The temperature in winter is low in most areas in the north. Without a dehydrator, many of the washed clothes cannot be dried in time.

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