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The whole injection molding process is not complicated. But to take full advantage of injection molding machines capacity, help the plastic production more efficiency, power-saving, cost-saving, less cycle time, peripheral auxiliary equipment like auto loader, hopper dryer, chiller, dehumidifier, crusher, mixer, conveyor,robots, is necessary. In some big plastic plants, injection molding is automatic attributed to intelligent connection of all injection moulding equipment.

Field-tested auxiliary equipment for injection molding

If an injection molding machine is the mainstay of your production line, auxiliary equipment is a catalyst for the highly efficient manufacturing process. It allows you to tie your machinery and materials together to mass-produce plastic parts faster and with less tinkering between molding intervals. As a leading auxiliary equipment manufacturer in China, Yumoto has everything you need to make the most of injection molding and control all primary and secondary processes to improve the quality of the final product.

Industrial auxiliary equipment for continuous feeding

Maintain production consistency without the involvement of numerous employees. Order a Yumoto vacuum autoloader, which is unavailable with other auxiliary equipment suppliers. It is designed to convey raw plastic granules into the molding machine hopper as part of continuous feeding. 

If material shortage or feeding issues occur, your specialists will receive immediate notifications. All autoloader status indicators are reflected on the operation panel for convenience.

Minimize waste with a Yumoto hopper dryer

Because engineering plastic materials like PA and PET tend to be hygroscopic, proper dehumidification is required. Otherwise, the likelihood of defects on item surfaces increases, and your valuable material may go to waste.

To ensure 100% usage of plastics, invest in a hopper dryer designed by the Yumoto auxiliary equipment company. It prevents condensation, dampness, and defects that often arise as a result of moisture trapped into pieces. For better performance and saving space at your facility, you can mount our hopper dryer directly on your injection molding machine.

Yumoto air chiller for cycle time reduction

To properly shape your parts, you may want to cool the molding system with auxiliary equipment. A Yumoto air chiller makes this a cinch. Using it, you can achieve shorter forming cycles and set temperatures between 7 to 35 degrees Celsius. The air chiller is hardy enough to operate outdoors and hold up to exterior risks.

Order auxiliary equipment in China to complement your General, PET, or other machines. All these add-ons are made and assembled by Yumoto for significant efficiency gains with your molding processes.

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