Air cooled chiller SL-5A for plastic molding



  • Refrigeration capacity: 15Kw / 12900Kcal/h

    Compressor: 5HP

    Type of Refrigerant: R22

    Fan type: Axial flow type blower fan

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  • Air chiller SL-5A  also called as air-cooled chiller SL-5A, is often used auxiliary equipment for cooling molds and molding system. The air-cooled chiller is mainly applicable to plastics. It can accurately control the temperature of plastic forming mold to shorten the forming cycle and accelerate the product shaping; This series uses the principle of cold and heat exchange for cooling, which can reduce the temperature rapidly and stabilize the temperature control. It is not affected by environmental factors and is an indispensable configuration equipment in modern industry. Air cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are used for outdoor installation and operation.

    Performance Characteristic of Air cooled chiller SL-5A:

    -The device can cool the water temperature ranging from 7 to 35 celsius degree. The low cooling temperature can be customized as per customer's needs. 

    -The micro computer controls the system running and teh temperature can be precise to 1 celsius degree.

    -The overload protection devic is used for compressor and pump to prolong the service life. 

    -The multi protection device (antifreezing protection, high and low pressure protection and flow protection) ensures teh system safety. 

    -The water tank is made from the stainless insulation layer . Freezing pipelines have the insulationlayer to improve the refrigerating efficiency. 

    -Low speed and noise blower fan. 

    -The blower fan stops along with the compresssor, thus effective electric energy saving. 

  • How to install air cooled chiller on plastic injection molding machines?

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