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With Yumoto precision injection molding machines, you will have better injection molding solution and enjoy successful experience for your plastic products production in different industrial fields like automotive parts, medical, household, agricultural, food packaging, etc.

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Auto Parts

Many of the parts found on modern automobiles require a broad range of intricately designed features to function correctly. For this reason, many of the leaders of the automotive industry have turned to plastic injection molding to develop, plan, and manufacture the parts they need. Typical injected molded elements include bumpers, dashboards, and smaller pieces, such as cup holders and mirror housings.

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medical facility

As many medical products must be shatter-proof, non-porous, and perfect in shape, plastic injection molding is critical for medical and pharmaceutical production. As a high volume producer, the medical industry can benefit from injection molding’s decreased production times and affordable production materials while still achieving high-quality medical-grade products. Medical and pharmaceutical parts created with injection molding can range from pill bottles to x-ray components.

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Although many people see electronic components as a predominately metal piece of machinery that uses electricity to function, enhancing system longevity with corrosion-resistant plastic housings improves overall performance. As you may have guessed, manufacturing housings through the plastic injection molding processes is preferred. The computer mouse you may be using right now, to the television in your living room, likely have some components created using plastic injection molding.

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building materials

Plastic has the advantages of light weight and low price. It has many applications in construction and can replace steel and wood. According to statistics, the annual consumption of plastic in the construction industry accounts for about 1/4 of the total plastic output, ranking first in the application of plastics.

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office supply

Plastics are widely used in office supplies. Most of the products are "green, beautiful, efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly" as the dominant trend. In response to the diversification of office supplies, thin-walled, and the use of plastic instead of steel, we provide innovative plastic new material solutions. plan

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daily necessities

With just a simple trip to your kitchen, there is a good chance that you will find an injection molded product or part. From Tupperware to building materials used in the construction, there is no denying that this industry would not be where it is today without injection molding. Like other industries, household products can be made more affordable by investing in large production runs for shipping to retail locations worldwide.In daily life, plastic products bring great convenience to our life. From the storage of items to daily necessities, we will find various plastic products everywhere.

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You can get wide recommendation on plastic injection machinery from 50 Ton to 3000 Ton as well as special series for production of PET, PVC, PC, PA, etc. We are also professional in customized molding machines with different injection speed.

General series

General series

Yumoto general series injection molding machines are fully servo driven, hydraulic powered. These machines are energy-saving,fast response,high efficient,high precise. Models include 110 ton, 140 ton, 170 ton, 210 ton, 250 ton, 280 ton, 300 ton, 350 ton, 450 ton, 550 ton,650 ton, 750 ton, 850 ton, 950 ton, 1150 ton, etc.

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PET Series

PET Series

Yumoto PET injection molding machines are powerful and short cycle time. Multi-cavity PET prefrom machines like 2, 4 , 8, 16, 24, 32, 48, 72 cavities for bottles of 100ml, 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L, 2.5 L, 3L, 5L, even 5 gallon. 180 ton, 220Ton, 280Ton, 350Ton, 450Ton, 550Ton PET preform making machines are popular in markets.

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Packaging Series

Packaging Series

Packaging series injection molding machines are mainly designed for thin wall plastic products, which require high pressure, high speed production. We restructured mechanic system, hydraulic sys tem, electric system to get much stronger mechanism and faster linear injection speed, specially for FMCG, PMCG, IML,etc.

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YUMOTO is new landmark in the business of plastic machinery in China. We are professional plastic injection machines manufacturer, dedicated to making high performance hydraulic horizontal plastic injection molding machines.

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YUMOTO Latest news

3D Printing Technology Vs Plastic Injection Molding

what is the difference between 3D printing technology and injection molding? 3D printing technology is not a novel technology. It belongs to the idea and technology of the last century, but it belongs to the market of this century. Plastic injection molding refers to the method of fully molten plastic materials stirred by screws at a certain temperature, injected into the mold cavity with high pressure, cooled and solidified to obtain molded products.

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What is Injection Molding

Injection molding is a method of molding industrial products. Products usually use rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding, molding and die-casting. Injection molding machine (hereinafter referred to as injection machine or injection molding machine) is the main molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into plastic products of various shapes. Injection molding is realized through injection molding machines and molds.

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